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Lift & Lower Installation Instructions:

  1. Open both toilet seat lids
  2. Clean area that Lift & Lower will adhere to and allow to dry.(Figure A)
    The Lifter may be placed on either side or the front of the seat.
  3. Remove Lift & Lower from its packing and place it with the splash gurad against the toilet bowl. (Figure B)
  4. Remove the adhesive tape protector located on the top of Lift & Lower
  5. Lower the toilet seat on to the top of Lift & Lower while holding it in place.
  6. Slightly raise Lift & Lower on to the bottom of the toilet seat to ensure Lift & Lower adheres to the seat.
  7. Fully open the toilet seat and press firmly against the bottom of Lift & Lower to ensure full adhesion to the seat. (Figure C)
  8. Any excess 3M adhesive left showing can easily be scored with a sharp blade, rolled back and removed.

*Antimicrobial protection is built into Lift & Lower to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and germ transfer.This protection will last the lifetime of the product.

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Package of 2

The Lift and Lower toilet seat handle provides you a clean and germ free surface to lift and lower the lids of your toilet seat.

It has Antimicrobial protection built right in to the handle, which kills germs and bacteria! It also has a splash guard to prevent all the stuff that coats the underside of your toilet seat from getting onto the lifting handle.

With quality 3M tape you can easily mount it to your toilet seat without any tools! Installs in just seconds!